Selling Your Home

Home Sales & Renovation, Richmond, VirginiaSelling a home can be overwhelming.  We can help.  We’ll fix up your house to sell quickly and with less hassle.  With one phone call, we’ll take the entire inspector’s list off your hands, from repairs and updating to clean up.  In the competitive housing market, having a clean, updated home makes a big difference to buyers and may mean the difference between selling your home quickly or a long wait.

This is an example of one client’s inspector’s list:

✓ Yard cleaned and landscaping added

✓  House Cleaned Top to Bottom

✓  Repairs

✓  New Paint

✓  New Countertop and Sink

If you need help finding a realtor, mover or mortgage broker, please let us know!  We have several wonderful professionals that we would be happy to recommend.

Call us today for a more relaxing and successful selling experience!