Bill’s Story

From One Neighbor to Another – Bill Maslink’s Story

“Long before Homelink, I loved helping friends and neighbors work out their home maintenance and improvement challenges.  Completing home improvement projects has always given me a great deal of satisfaction. This was my passion before it ever became my job.”
– Bill Maslink, President, Homelink

  After years in Corporate America, in 2006, Bill Maslink was given an opportunity to make his home improvement hobby, his full time job.  Armed with the idea that people were looking for reliable, trustworthy service and quality workmanship at a fair price, Bill and his wife, Jenny, opened Homelink to meet the demands of busy homeowners in the Midlothian VA area.  “We chose to focus on Midlothian because we wanted to offer a highly responsive and personalized service to our own friends and neighbors.  We work in the neighborhoods where we live.”

As a father of 3 active boys, Bill knows first-hand the challenges many families face in trying to choose between keeping up their home and family obligations.  He also knows how overwhelmed his friends and neighbors are trying to “do it all.”  “I don’t think people should have to make that choice,” Bill explains.  “The whole idea behind Homelink is to streamline your home maintenance.  You make one phone call to Homelink for all of your home care needs and you go about the business of living your life.  It’s simple, really.”

Over the years, Homelink has seen business grow, largely on the strength of customer referrals.  Busy families trying to keep up.  Retirees ready to enjoy travel and leisure.  Singles parents looking for more time with the kids.  Homelink customers have decided to simplify their lives and reclaim their free time.  “That,” Bill says with a smile, “is what Homelink is all about.”