Thanks, Scott!

My project manager was Scott. He kept in regular contact with me over the approximately 8-week period required for this remodel. My home is 60+ years old so the project was not without challenges. Scott oversaw all subcontractor work closely and addressed issues proactively so that no problem was ever brought to my attention unaccompanied by a proposed solution. Scott listened to my requests but also was very good about educating me and offering his honest and experienced feedback, which was extremely helpful to me because this project was my first. He was very down to earth and made me feel like he was treating the project as he would treat a project in his own home. If anything, Scott was more demanding in his high standards for the work than I was. He managed my expectations in an expert manner so that I never felt unpleasantly surprised or disappointed, i.e., it was not the emotional roller coaster one often hears about with major renovations. The end product came together beautifully and I am 100% pleased with the results. Scott was honest and fair and earned my trust on behalf of Homelink. I definitely recommend this company and plan to use them again.

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