A Kitchen and Bath

This is the second room that Homelink has done for me. After redoing my kitchen in 2010, Bill and his people did a bathroom. It was a very easy. They listened, but also brought their experience with them. For example, the initial plan was to expand the bathroom square footage by taking over a closet. During one of the initial visits, they floated the idea of reclaiming some unused hallway space, something we had never considered and it not only made sense, it worked beautifully. We used their designer, who took us to a variety of showrooms and helped us pick out what we needed. We never felt pressured, never felt that we were shown a lousy choice in our price range in order to push us to make a more expensive choice. Every one of the subcontractors was polite, professional and did a great job. At the end, the job was done on budget and to our complete satisfaction. I wish I could give Homelink 4.75 stars. My only complaint was that it took longer than I anticipated and it would have been nice to have a target date specified up front.
The best think I can say about Homelink and Bill Maslink is that they are completely trustworthy. The man keeps his word.

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