Landscaping – Richmond, VA

I would like to thank Homelink for the large project we took on about 1 year ago. I had around 1/3 acre of a totally wooded area in my backyard and we wanted to clear the trees, debris, put in an irrigation system, partial fencing and attempt to grow grass.  Homelink also leveled out my property and built an area to erect a large playground/fort/swing structure.  From the very beginning, Homelink worked with me to define the project, give me flexible pricing (where I could save money on a project and what my options were) and really provided outstanding advice on what to do and more importantly what not to do with this large scale landscaping project.  The individuals who actually performed the work were very professional and very personable.  Homelink came in on the budget they set and any delays were appropriately communicated and expectations around completion times/dates were reset with my input.  I think they did an outstanding job and I will definitely contact them with other large projects that I need help with.  Thanks, Homelink!

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